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Ainscough Crane Hire

In 1976 Gerald Ainscough started the Wigan based Ainscough Crane Hire company and since 1984 has been run by his three sons Martin, James and Brendan, employing 1,000+ people and a national network of 25 depots, which hosted 500 cranes. Thanks to seven years of aggressive acquisitions it became by far the UK's largest crane hire operator.

In 2007 Ainscough Crane Hire, the UKs market leader in crane hire, announced the £255m sale of the business to the existing management team, funded by an integrated debt and equity package from Bank of Scotland Integrated Finance.

"I’m delighted to be able to give Chief Executive Neil Partridge and the rest of the management team the opportunity to continue to develop and grow the business with the support of the Bank of Scotland." (Martin Ainscough)


Property and corporate investment.

Ainscough Group is a trading name of the companies where investments are held by Martin, Brendan and James Ainscough and their respective families.

These Companies are involved in a wide range of property, corporate and industrial activities.

The Ainscough Group Companies were formed following the sale of Ainscough Crane Hire Limited in 2007 for £255 million pounds.

For more information on the Companies in the Ainscough Group see our company information page and visit their websites.


Martin Ainscough - Martin grew Ainscough Crane Hire into the largest and most successful crane business in the United Kingdom, prior to its £255 million sale in 2007. He is also Chairman of the Ainscough Group of Companies and sits on the Prince’s Trust Fundraising Committee. 
Brendan Ainscough - Plays an active role in the Ainscough Group of Companies and assists in the Fund Raising for The Sue Ryder Care Charity in Lancashire.  

James Ainscough - James is a major investor in the Ainscough group of companies & supports many of the charities adopted by the group.

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